Different Kinds of Wigs

So what are ALL of the wigs available? Is one better than another as far as price and quality go? Well let's take a look and see!

The first option is human hair wigs. This is actually the most expensive type of European hair wigs you can buy, but there is a reason for this! First off these are very real looking and very real feeling which is great for a woman that is going through something like chemotherapy and wants to find a nice option for cancer wigs! These wigs can also be styled, unlike other wigs with curling irons, styling products and hair dryers. These lace front wigs be ordered in an array of lengths, colors and styles as well such as long, short, curly, brown, black, blond, and you can even buy ponytail wigs and use wig accessories with these products!

The second option is the synthetic wig product. These are less expensive, but they also look fake and feel fake. They have almost a plastic-y feel to them. These lace wigs cannot be styled and need to stay away from ANY heat. This even includes the dishwasher steam! These are considerably lower maintenance since you don't have to wash them as much as real human hair wigs. So it depends on you. Do you want to save on money, but not have a real looking wig? Or do you want to splurge a little bit on something you need anyway, and have it looking fantastic?

The third option is something called mono filament. These wigs are on the moderately priced side of things. They also are popular with women that want a really REAL looking wig. These wigs have a cap that is really thin so it actually looks like the hair is growing right out of your scalp. The netting is also much softer and helps ease discomfort and itchiness! If comfort is a major facet for you, this or the real hair wigs are going to be the best option!

The last option is a classic type. These are more "old school" per se and have been around the longest. They are more fake looking, but also cheaper. Personally, I don't like this option because you are wearing a wig for a reason. You chose to wear something because you want to LOOK like you have real hair! This is really not a good option as far as looks and feel go if you want to look and feel like you have real hair.

Wigs For Chemotherapy Patients

Different Kinds of Wigs

Synthetic or Human Hair Wig

Wigs Serve Purposes

Summer Wigs

Curly Full Lace Wigs




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